Setting up trash cans

They discussed trash boxes.
Apollon should set more boxes to make Apollon clean .
Yui :Even we set it, we have to change customers mind to bring garbage to home.
Riko: Trash cans are for tourists.
Saki: It can make Apollon’s sight bad if so many garbages are thrown into them.
Riko: Apollon famous designers can make cool-designed trash can.

Yui: We can’t find what is in them, so it could lead some security problems.
Kanon: It can be prevent by putting security camera.
Saki: Camera costs too much, it can’t be proof against rain.
Riko: We make clear trash cans to make people see what it is in.

Riko: We will set up 30 cans in my image.
Kanon: We should decide them after we get to consensus.

Saki Who collect garbages  in them.
Riko: We will create new job and it will stimulate Apollon’s economy.
Yui : How often will they collect them.
Kanon: I haven’t decide yet.

Haruna:We have decided about garbages.
Momoka: Recently, as the number of the tourists increases, the number of the garbages are also increasing, so we have to discuss it.

Rina: We don’t have to hire new people. Because there are already garbage collectors.
Riko: That’s right.

Moeri: How do you prevent people from throwing away their household garbages.
Riko: To make poster.

Yui : How do you deal with the problem of the smell by them?
Kanon: We should separate garbage raw and dry garbage and collect them frequently.

Saki: Animals may pick them and make Apollon messy.
Riko: We should make a cap for cans.

Kanon: It has security problem, so we should make a poster written by children.
Riko: How about trying to set them for only a week to decide detailed rules.

Saki: How will you design the trash ?
Kanon:We will put the poster in the clear trash can.
Momoka: Well. it makes them unclear.
Riko: We will put them on the side of the can.

Saki : It’s necessary to set up them.
Yui: Setting it is good.

Robert: How many of them will you set up during the campaign.
Riko: A little

They are reached a consensus to have one-week trial period.



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